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Newly-Acquired Teague, Elliot Williams Final (?) Cuts

The Sixers surprise many with their maybe actually final two cuts.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The 76ers waived Marquis Teague and Elliot Williams today, making them their likely final cuts from camp. Per the Woj-master:

Teague, previously a first round pick for the Chicago Bulls was just acquired in a salary dump. Williams signed with the Sixers last December and spent the duration of the season in the Sixers rotation. In 67 games, Williams averaged 6.1 points on 41.5% shooting overall, 29.6% from three. Williams, a former first round pick of the Portland Trail Blazers who was saddled with injuries early in his NBA career, figured to be a potential starter for the team and impressed in preseason.

There's two ways to take this news. One is that the Sixers are really, really trying hard to lose games, because Williams was probably in the top half of the squad as it comes to current talent. That's a bit dreadful, any way you think about it.

The other is that Michael Carter-Williams, who is scheduled to return to practice on November 6th, will be available soon enough that having fewer competent distributors is okay for, say, 8 games or so in exchange for hanging onto potential keepers.

That being said... this roster turnover may not be over. Games begin in two days, which means the Sixers still have time to tinker.

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