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Two Days Till' Sixers: New Season, New Cypher

Rap game 2007-08 Sixers season (very average).

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you were previously unaware, we at Liberty Ballers have an affinity for rap. Whether reviewing mixtapes (I still have faith in Lou's rap career), to battle rapping other NBA blogs (Roy bodied his verse), we like to cover our hip-hop bases. While Justin F. did a solid job with his Taylor Swift parody, but no season preview is complete without a rap cypher from members of the Sixers themselves, or at least me rapping on their behalf.

Over the beat of Pusha T's "Numbers On The Board", this is the 2014 Sixers Cypher:

Michael Carter-Williams

The man from Syracuse so I'm out here stuntin',

lookin' as big as Leonidas in "300".

My labrum injury had me feelin' dead,

Still dropping twenty-five up on your head.

This team is so trash man I can't even believe,

you mean I gotta actually pass the ball to Alexey Shved?

It's only one winner, and it's only one award,

so the rookie of the year should've been one on your draft board.

Handles, dropping your best defender on the floor.

Teammates, I think Henry Sims works at a convenience store.

Joel Embiid

Ball players can't tweet no more, about Kimmy no more,

but I'll slide into those DMs to get Rihanna at my door.

Joel Embiid, the Cameroonian assassin,

working with "The Dream" so my shake is everlasting.

The suit substituting for gym clothes.

Rehab going strong,

My range will leave them froze,

a Hall Of Famer clone,

so up in my zone,

breaking bread like my navicular bone.

We ballers, so sittin on the bench done got me bored.

On Twitter, always leave but come back for more.

Malcolm Lee

Malcolm Lee in the building but I'm preaching like Malc-

*Is cut by Hinkie before he can finish his first line.*

Sam Hinkie

My name is Sam can I trade for your second rounder?

If this team was a fish we'd be a flounder.

In 2016 we'll be a contender,

Watching Saric drop buckets in Spain

sweet as a Splenda.

The lotto reform is so insane,

me and 12 other owners laugh at the referenda.

I Got cap space with the best of em',

another year of 2 first round selections.

Won't let these scrub players settle in,

might be time to cut Jason Richardson,

the Sixers, we're puttin' losses on the boards.

Philly, I'm drivin' the tank come hop aboard.

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