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3 Days Till Sixers: We Believe That We Will Win... At Least 16 Games

For the seven of you who read the Sunday Morning Shootaround, it will return in its usual form next week. Today, we'd like to take you behind the curtain to show the unbridled enthusiasm that the LB staff has for the Sixers' prospects in the 2014-15 season.

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Can Brett Brown lead this team to 16 games. We think so. Barely.
Can Brett Brown lead this team to 16 games. We think so. Barely.
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the Liberty Ballers e-mail threads are anything but noteworthy, and this one is no different. But with the season right around the corner, I figured it was gut check time for the LB staff.

Caution: These emails are far less entertaining than those allegedly sent by Pennsylvania political figures and judges.


Roy: Ok, gents... What's the play? This $33 I borrowed from the LB petty cash lockbox is burning a hole in my pocket.

Kyle: I'm on board for over.

Sean: I can't pick either way. If I had to say one, it'd be under, but my win number is 15 so...

Jake F.: I'm going under. This team really shouldn't win a single game this year.

Jake P.: Over

Justin F.: (Editor's Note: There's only one Justin on the staff, but he still gets the "F") Over

Matt: Over

Roy: So far, it's 4-2 in favor of over. Anyone else?

Sohil: I'm terrible with kind of thing. I'd jinx you with whatever I say.

Derek: I think it'll be close, but I'll go under.

Tanner: Undersssss

(Note: Tanner made this call BEFORE the team signed Malcolm Thomas.)

Mike B.: Over, and I find y'all's lack of faith disturbing.

Roy: There's no such thing as a jinx, Sohil. The wisdom of crowds will prevail...

Mike L.: OVER. Never been more confident in anything in my damn life.

Brandon: Yeah I say over.

Tanner: More confident than $25 on 00? (Pretty sure this is a Vegas roulette reference of some sort.)

Mike L.: Hawes let me down. JaKarr Sampson never has.

Rich: I've moved up to 16 as my prediction as part of my annual late preseason optimism push. So I'm gonna say that's a good line. I'd say bet whatever side has better odds.

(For the record, the odds were -115 either way. The house ALWAYS wins.)

Roy: The ayes have it - it's done. For the record, I was leaning towards over 15.5 as well.


Jake P.: I feel like 44 wins for Phoenix is kinda low too

Tanner: GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!! (mostly for Roy and Dave)


(Editor's Note: For those of you curious as to which side of the fence Dave falls on, you'll have to ask him after he stops scouring eBay for vintage Niagara basketball warmups.)

And there it is. While we're not in complete harmony, most of us believe that this team has at least 16 wins inside of them. As Blogger Emeritus Mike Levin noted, Jakarr Sampson hasn't let us down yet, and we think that the Sixers as a whole won't let us down, either.

From the Sixers' official press release re: Opening Night:

Upon entering the arena, fans will be greeted by members of the Sixers Dancers, presented by Parx Casino® - who will debut their Signature Dress by Nicole Miller and perform multiple routines during the game - the Sixers Phlight Squad and the team's new drumline, the Stixers, which will play outside the arena and on the concourse.

How hard is it to get a refund on a betting slip? Asking for a friend.

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