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The Cycle Continues: Sixers Sign Malcolm Thomas, At Least 3 More Cuts Left

In something that says a lot about this team, Thomas should be no worse than the sixth best healthy player on the opening night roster, unless more players are added.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! The Sixers signed Malcolm ThomasPer Woj, who owns this game:

Free-agent forward Malcolm Thomas has agreed to a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Thomas will be a part of the 76ers' 15-man roster on opening night.*

(For the record: the last part of being on the roster is semi-important. The Rockets, for instance, picked up two players late in training camp only to waive them almost-immediately. The players signed during training camp, if they play in the D-League and were not on a roster last season, will have their rights owned by the team they were on in camp.)

Malcolm Thomas spent time with the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz last season. The Spurs waived him as they needed an extra guard on the roster due to injuries. The Jazz traded him, along with other nonguaranteed deals, in a trade with the Cavs for picks. It helped that Thomas stood behind three people at his position in Utah, all who were on guaranteed deals.

As an undersized four without a three point shot, Thomas is a bit of a tweener because he's only about 6'9". Like many other Sixers, Thomas is lanky and bouncy and should fit right in with an up-tempo team. He also can't shoot worth a lick, at least up until now. He is everything you'd ever imagine a Sixer would be at this point, but he's also not a bad player to have on a roster. Unlike some others, Thomas is definitely an NBA guy.

More notably, this adds another forward to the roster. Things might not be looking great for either Brandon Davies or Arnett Moultrie, who were on the roster bubble before and may still be now. With an extra player to squeeze in, that bubble might burst for one or both of them.

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