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The Cuts Keep Coming: Drew Gordon Also Waived

Roster is at 18 after this move.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Gordon, the older brother of fourth overall pick in the 2014 Draft Aaron Gordon, was waived by the Sixers today. Like Ronald Roberts, he Woj-bombed himself.

Gordon performed surprisingly well in preseason action, averaging roughly eight points and four rebounds in 16 minutes of preseason action per game.

Despite not being overly impressive in Las Vegas, the Sixers invited him to camp. Gordon was always considered a long shot, but he outplayed both opponents and teammates in preseason games, making a case to make the squad. Also, he is still not NBA veteran Drew Gooden, which actually worked in his favor.

After the Roberts and Gordon cuts, the roster stands at 18. At least three more cuts must be made by Monday.

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