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No Faith, in Brooklyn: Nets top Sixers, 99-88

Basketball was played tonight. Brandon Davies stepped out of bounds on a pump-fake at the 3 point line. You didn't miss much.

Blocking Guard, K.J. McDaniels
Blocking Guard, K.J. McDaniels
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

With a little more than a week left before the start of the season, the 76ers took a trip up to the Barclay Center to face the Brooklyn Nets for their penultimate preseason contest.

It's funny. A penultimate preseason game in football is the final tune-up for the starters before they embark on their regular season journey. For the Sixers? Well... we still don't know who will make the final roster.

The game, itself, wasn't too captivating. The Sixers and Nets both struggled with holding on to the ball, turning it over 21 times each. Both teams also found themselves at the charity stripe for a combined 72 attempts, yet each struggled converting, with only 64%(76ers) and 51% (Nets). The game was relatively close for the most part and the Sixers managed to even take a lead in the 3rd quarter. However, the Nets were able to capitalize on Sixers miscues to pull away in the 4th.

With Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez out, the star for the Nets was Mason of the House Plumlee. He easily handled the Sixers front court, putting up a cool 20 points with 17 boards (7 O Boards!). Mason Plumlee? Really? I'll get into the Sixers front court rotation later, let's just say Brandon Davies did not make it to the end of the game...

The "star" for the Sixers was one, K.J. McDaniels. McDaniels continues to "Ooo" and Aaah" us with his defensive prowess. He, again, seemed to struggle a little on offense, finishing with 5 points on 1-4 shooting. But 4 blocks from the wing position? That's kind of absurd. Next to Nerlens Noel, McDaniels is the second most interesting Sixer this year. The 'Block Party' could be real with the combination of the two. Check it:

Speaking of Noel, he was out for the 3rd straight game with an upper respiratory infection. Word is he was shooting around tonight and is expected to be back at practice and ready for the Sixers final preseason game. It's flu season, folks. Stay healthy!

Odds and Ends

  • Tony Wroten did Tony Wroten things. He made a few lay ups, missed a lot of others. He threw a few no-look fastballs that led directly to turnovers. I don't want to be a downer, but he sure looks like the same guy as last year (which isn't good?).
  • The front court played pretty poorly tonight. Too many missed assignments, terrible rotations, and they simply got outmatched at times (BY A PLUMLEE). It seemed like the wings did a better job of paint and rim protection.
  • Henry Sims found his groove in the 4th quarter, at one point scoring 9 straight points. He's been struggling, much like many returning Sixers, but we hope he can bottle up what he did tonight and move forward.
  • In my mind, Drew Gordon and Brandon Davies are fighting each other for a spot. They both share a similar "role". They both play with the same style. They both put up similar stat lines tonight. I can't see both making it but I can also see neither of them making it. If I had to bet, I still think they roll with Davies.
  • Arnett Moultrie continued his game plan of YOLO. He managed to go 5-7 for 10 points, primarily on those long-2s (especially at the top of the key). Coach Brown wasn't all that amused, however. I say this every time, but did they just clone Marreese Speights and have us draft him again?
  • The back court was horrific tonight. I'm not going to even bother naming anyone in particular. This team is going to struggle mightily without Michael Carter-Williams. Get well soon!
  • Final exhibition game is Thursday against Deeee-Troit Basket-Baaaaaall.

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