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9 Days Till Sixers: Why You Should Go / Why You Should Watch

God bless the people who actually have to sell this team to potential advertising partners / season ticket holders for a living.

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Probably going to be pretty easy to catch a T-shirt at a Sixers' game this year.
Probably going to be pretty easy to catch a T-shirt at a Sixers' game this year.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There's no way to sugarcoat the fact that the Philadelphia 76ers won't be very good this season. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend your time watching and/or going to games.

Watching basketball in a half-empty gym may not seem like the best use of two hours, but if you're within shouting distance of South Philly, and happen to have a few extra bucks in your pocket, you should check them out in person because...

- Great seats are still available.
As of today, 33 of the 41 home games listed on Stubhub have tickets on sale for less than $20 each. Imagine how cheap prices will be once this team loses a game or ten.

- With fewer people in the building, you'll have a decent shot of hitting that Sixers 50/50 raffle.

- The chance to score a free Big Mac.
If the Sixers score 100 points in a game, you'll get a free Big Mac, courtesy of McDonald's. Scratch that: The Big Mac deal is dead. Instead, you now get 50% off of your order at Papa John's whenever the Sixers win, and you don't even have to be in the building when it happens. So now, there's no food-related reason to go down to the Wells Fargo Center unless you're DYING to try that new smoked sausage/pulled pork sandwich that's making its debut at the concession stands this season.

- It's probably worth it to see the Sixers' new "4D" intro at least once.
And nothing for nothing, that new theater-style lighting looks pretty decent on TV.

- You'll probably run into Allen Iverson.
The Sixers' newest ambassador has been at the WFC quite often in recent weeks, pressing the flesh with season ticket holders. Speaking of which...

- Season ticket holders get ALL of the perks.

Our good friend mrdangdang (whom you may remember from his well-received Media Day FanPost last season) posted a video of his unboxing of his 2014-15 tickets. The package for this year includes:

  • A form letter, probably signed by Scott O'Neil (or Jameis Winston)
  • A coupon for a free Big Mac (Shouldn't this be a Papa John's coupon? But I digress...)
  • A Comcast advertisement
  • A schedule (hopefully the correct one, and not this)
  • A Stubhub advertisement (even the Sixers realize that no one has the stomach to go to all 41 home games this year. Not even Big Daddy.)
  • A beautifully-designed booklet containing the actual tickets

Printed on each ticket is an image of a basketball court in the Philadelphia area. Not putting pictures of the players on the tickets is another way of saying: "We have no idea who will be on this team at the end of the season, and it would be awkward for us to put JaKarr Sampson on a ticket anyway, so... here's 16th and Susquehanna!"

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of attending Sixers' home games, especially those of us who don't live in the Philadelphia area. But if you can watch them on TV or via your Internet machine, you should do so because...

  • At least three times each game, Tony Wroten will do Tony Wroten things, and it will be spectacular/glorious/confusing/painful to watch.
  • At least twice each game, Brandon Davies will execute a Brandon Davies-esque move, and it will be Vine-worthy.
  • Arnett Moultrie will shoot a contested 18-footer early in the shot clock several times this year, and will immediately be pulled from the game on every occasion.
  • MCW will break out the illest prom suits while he's sitting on the bench as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery.
  • The NBA is loaded with extraordinary players, and against the Sixers, there's a very good chance that they'll do extraordinary things.
  • Some of these lineup combinations figure to be glorious. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the time when the combo of Shved/Lee/Mbah a Moute/Gordon/Moultrie is out on the floor at the same time.
  • Real Sports and E:60 have nothing on those riveting Brett Brown halftime interviews.
  • Hometown bias aside, Marc Zumoff and Malik Rose are the best play-by-play/analyst tandem in the NBA.

We're almost there, kids. #TogetherWeBuild #YoungRunFunDunk

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