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Joel Embiid's Brother, Arthur, Has Passed Away

Before the Sixers took on the Boston Celtics in preseason action at the Wells Fargo Center, the team announced that Joel Embiid's younger brother, Arthur, had passed away.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers have announced that Joel Embiid's younger brother, Arthur, has passed away.

Embiid was the oldest of three children growing up in Cameroon. He also has a younger sister named Muriel.

Sixers president and general manager Sam Hinkie and head coach Brett Brown are with Embiid tonight, and will miss the game against the Celtics. Assistant coach Chad Iske will lead the team in Brown's absence. Embiid is also joined by Luc Mbah a Moute, a fellow Cameroon native and a mentor to Embiid.

Embiid was with the team at shootaround this morning.

"We're all a family here," assistant coach Chad Iske said before the game. "Our thoughts and prayers are with him."

No details regarding his death have been released at this point, outside of stating that he was in Africa, and not here stateside. Embiid and his family are natives of Cameroon, but whether or not his brother was in the country at the time of his passing are not known at this time.

Update: Oct 17th, 10:19 am

According to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News, Arthur Embiid, 14, was killed in an accident involving a vehicle.

Update: Oct 18th, 5:36 am

Joel Embiid released a statement through instagram, which clarifies that Arthur was 13.

Also, Bob Cooney has more information regarding the nature of the tragedy.

Arthur Embiid was struck down by a vehicle that had rolled down a hill, according to sources.

Also according to Bob Cooney, the team flew Muriel "LoLo" Embiid, who plays volleyball for Rochester College, into Philadelphia on Thursday night to be with Joel. Joel and Muriel left for Cameroon on Friday.

Finally, Sam Hinkie released a statement about the situation on

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Joel and the Embiid family.

"To learn that you have lost a sibling or a child is unfathomable. We are poorly designed for that kind of loss. To receive that news while 6,000 miles away from your family is more than any of us are equipped to handle alone. Joel is not alone.

"Joel's sister was able to travel to Philadelphia last night and the two of them are currently on their way to Cameroon."

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