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17 Days Till Sixers: You Are What You Watch

This has very little to do with the Sixers and more to do with my TV habits. Enjoy.

"Who do you think the "Spaghetti Monster" is?"
"Who do you think the "Spaghetti Monster" is?"
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With a little more than 2 weeks remaining until the Sixers take the court for their first regular season game, we're hitting the point where there is little left to say or write about and just mounting anticipation for it all to begin. Thankfully, at this time of year, new seasons of television shows start to air. With a combination of returning and new shows, it's easy to fill up your time as you wait.

A few weeks ago, Jake Pavorsky had an idea of doing a player comparison for fun. As a guy who watches a good variety of TV, I thought I'd run with that idea and try my best to find ones that fit our favorite squad. Here are just a few:

Michael Carter-Williams is True Detective

I think I (and many others) have made the "Time is a Flat Circle" joke way too many times. However, True Detective was easily one of my favorite shows of the year. True Detective captivated me for 8 episodes that felt more like a movie than a TV series. If it wasn't the character development and dialogue by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson that sold it, it was just the eery story-telling that kept you going.

MCW far exceeded expectations last year, winning Rookie of the Year honors. He was one of the few bright spots on a bad team and one that expects to be a core player for years. We just hope he can follow up his impressive rookie campaign, much like I hope for in Season 2 for True Detective.

Nerlens Noel is Gotham

Do you like Batman? Do you want to watch a TV show about Batman?

Gotham isn't really that. But, it is about many secondary and tertiary batman characters. After a few episodes, they did a good job developing a few characters but it's hard to figure out if they're trying to concentrate on "teaching" a kid Bruce Wayne or building up a young James Gordon. Basically, what are they trying to do, how are they going to fit, and will they last?

"Rookie" Nerlens Noel has a lot of raw ability. He definitely has an NBA skill set that is at a premium. Only time will tell if he develops and, in the long-term, fits in with what the Sixers are doing (especially with Embiid on the horizon).

Brandon Davies is Two and a Half Men

Why is it still around? It was funny for a little bit but I was laughing at it (being bad), not with it. Can it just go away now?

Hollis Thompson/Elliot Williams is Dexter (Season 1-4)

Dexter, admittedly, started off slow. It was an interesting series that went inside a mind of serial killer who had a "code" to kill other criminals. The series got better and better and, in my opinion, hit it's best point in the fourth season with Jon Lithgow as "The Trinity Killer".

Will Thompson/Williams be our "Trinity Killer"? The improvement is there, and, hopefully, that growth will continue moving forward.

Jason Richardson is Dexter (Season 5-8)

Yeah... the fourth season represented both the highest point and the moment the show began a downward spiral into something just awful. Terrible story arcs, terrible characters... It just got bad. And even the ending didn't leave a good taste.

For his sake, you hope Jason Richardson gets healthy and somehow gets his playing legs underneath him. His prime is years behind him and it'll be interesting to see if he sticks in the NBA now or if he'll be out of a job or living as a lumberjack.

Arnett Moultrie is Falling Skies

Okay, to be completely honest, Falling Skies is my guilty pleasure show. I have no idea why I watch it because it's pretty terrible. It's about an Alien ravaged, dystopian future where we follow a group of survivors trying to get by and overcome their alien interlopers. But it's written so poorly that even it's redeeming qualities aren't worth watching (for everyone but me). Thankfully it's going into it's last season (how it lasted this long is beyond me).

Moultrie is the last remnant of the Doug Collins era. He's been perennially disappointing since he's arrived and is on his last life coming into this season. We hope he can show us something? But I'm not holding out much hope. Still, I'll probably be watching him.... like I'll be watching the final season of Falling Skies. Don't judge me.

Chris Johnson/Malcolm Lee/Drew Gordon/(Insert 10-Day Contract Player Here) is American Idol/The Voice/Every Singing or Talent competition ever

I remember when Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken in the American Idol final was a big deal. These days, I have no idea who competes and who wins all of these talent competitions. Is Simon Cowell still around and as surly as ever? Straight up, now tell me has anyone seen Paula Abdul lately?

You'd have to imagine that after an influx of talent, the Sixers won't have a revolving door of 10-day contracts this year. But, like these competition, Sam Hinkie is trying to unearth some untapped talent. Furthermore, Brett Brown and his coaching staff is trying to develop them. Whether that talent becomes a household name remains to be seen.

Tony Wroten is 24: Live Another Day

The world Jack Bauer lives in, makes no sense. The things Jack Bauer does, makes no sense. The amount of resistance that Jack Bauer faces, makes no sense. Despite that, never cross Jack Bauer because he's an unstoppable force of human nature, that has single-handedly saved the world around a million times. It's just action-packed fun.

Tony Wroten. *mic drop*

With plenty of players left and countless TV Shows, it's time for you to make your comparisons in the comments below. Only 17 more days until Sixers!

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