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Cavs Wallop Sixers Oh Hey They're Horrible Again Post-Game Thread

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Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

I'm writing this before the game is over, which means I may as well have written this yesterday afternoon. After trading for Luol Deng -- who did not play -- the Cavaliers walked into a game of pool basketball against infants with neglectful parents and only one working swimmie apiece. The Sixers lost by a billion or so. They're bad.

I don't quite know what the difference is between nights where Sixers play well and where they play like parakeets who've been caged their entire lives and finally released years later. This was one of the latter nights. CJ Miles hit ten threes before the first TV timeout. Tyler Zeller looked like Bill Laimbeer. Anthony Bennett dunked. It was all happening for them.

Could be that Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner experimented with hard drugs prior to the game, or maybe they both suffered from temporary blindness all night -- they combined to shoot 2-20 on the evening. That's good if you're throwing baseball passes from the baseline into the opposite basket. Not if you're, like, playing basketball like a human.

Brandon Davies played good. Elliot Williams played good. Michael Carter-Williams did nothing on defense, but racked up some pretty delightful counting stats. Daniel Orton ate a whole bunch of Wendy's.

Really, it's all about the defense.

Good Sixersing, everybody.

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