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Sixers Waive Daniel Orton

Orton waived to make room for... somebody.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it couldn't last forever. On the last day to waive players on non-guaranteed contracts, the Philadelphia 76ers have waived backup center Daniel Orton. Orton averaged 3 points and 2.8 rebounds during his brief tenure with the team.

He joined the Sixers in training camp on a waiver claim from the Oklahoma City Thunder. His tenure was mostly uninspiring, with the except of the team's game in Sacramento. There, he blocked 3 shots in about 18 minutes, providing the only rim protection from a Sixers center against DeMarcus Cousins. That will be missed, since Lavoy Allen and Spencer Hawes lack Orton's strength in the post.

It appears to be the only move the team will make today, meaning that the five other players on non-guaranteed deals will continue with the team going forward. Congrats to Hollis Thompson, James Anderson, Brandon Davies (!), Elliot Williams (!!), and Lorenzo Brown (!?!). The latter three were also thought to be potential cuts.

As for that open roster spot, it will likely get filled with a player signed to a 10-day contract. Devin Ebanks reportedly met with the Sixers during the D-League Showcase, and we've heard another player or two were possibilities.

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