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Thaddeus Young Named Eastern Conference Player of the Week

Pile 'em up, Thaddy.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Thaddeus Young has been incredible the past two weeks, and the league saw fit to reward him for it. Along with David Lee out West, Thad was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the first time in his career. That's pretty rad.

In three road victories over Denver, Sacramento and Portland last week, Young averaged 25 points and nearly eight rebounds, three assists and four steals while shooting 57% from the floor.

Notably, Thad's turned on the jets since Liberty Ballers reported his soft request to be traded. Believe what you will, but a fire has been lit under the longest-tenured Sixer.

Michael Carter-Williams won the award in the first week of the season and hey here's something cool.

Thad's drawn reported interestfrom the Phoenix Suns, but what they'll be willing to part with for him is in question. It's tough to pinpoint Thad's value because he doesn't do anything tremendous outside of his pick-and-roll defense, and that's gotten mostly overlooked. He's just excellent as a package, and the Sixers will not move him unless they're properly compensated.

Plus, it's getting harder and harder to justify moving Thad from a PR side of things, as we've discussed.

For now, congrats to Thaddeus. Keep rolling, brother.

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