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Stream of Consciousness: Sixers beat Blazers for fourth straight win

Sixers 101, Blazers 99.

that kind of day
that kind of day
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

So our Sixers have won four straight games, all of them on the road. Tonight's win came over one of the best teams in the league, the Blazers, in an impressive display of not looking like dogshit. The Sixers are now 12-21 and far away from being one of the worst teams in basketball. Team Chill is reeling harder than Grudge Match. After the Eagles playoff loss and this unforeseen case of non-tanking, I'm a bit scrambled.

Too scrambled, in fact, to do an actual recap on a Saturday night. Instead, I'm going to set a timer for five minutes and type stream of consciousness drivel for 300 seconds straight. We'll see how this goes. And... begin.

I can't believe the Sixers won that game. I have no idea if I'm Team Chill anymore. What is Team Chill? Am I chill? I don't feel chill? I live in California, so I'm quite warm while everyone else freezes. Maybe if the Sixers returned home to sub-zero temperatures and empty Wells Fargo Center, they'll start losing games again. Goddamn Disney On Ice. That's some shit right there. The Sixers get bumped for DISNEY ON ICE. If that isn't a sign of a team that should be tanking, ya know, I'm not sure what is or what should be. Alex Henery goddammit. OK so they won 4 straight. Four isn't the worst thing ever, they're still 12-21. That's still bad. Other teams are bound to get better. Hinkie will trade someone. He has to. Like he has to. He has to. It's something like 45 days away from the Deadline. Plenty of time. He could cure disease in that amount of time. I trust him. Got to. Brett Brown is a good coach. Thaddeus Young is playing out of his mind. You're welcome, Thad. Spencer Hawes still can't defend anybody. Seriously. Anybody. Robin Lopez with 9 offensive rebounds tonight. NINE! He had 14 and 15 by essentially standing there. This team is so bad at defense and they're still winning too many games. It's incredible. OK so Evan will get traded. Some team is stupid enough to trade a pick for him. Or something valuable. Maybe Cleveland wants to give up on Bennett. Doubt a pick though. Who knows. Trust Hinkie? I mean I'm sure he's working the phones and trying to get leverage. Stuff is definitely happening behind the scenes and he just won't pull the trigger on a trade unless he's getting good value back. Pennies on the dollar ain't shit for Sam. He'll sacrifice wins for proper value because he trusts himself to get great value out of a draft pick no matter where it lands. Even if it's like 8 or something. It won't be 8. It can't be. I'm on Team Chill Kind Of until the deadline. After that, I'm All Hands On Deck. Still love this season, still love the organizational direction. Nobody over 25 has played a minute! Not one a minute! Incredible. They won. I'm accepting that. T-Wolves on Monday. Stop winning now though, okay?

And so ends the worst sports day in recent Philadelphia memory.

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