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Seeing Red: Sixers Throttled by Atlanta

The Sixers got pummeled tonight by the Atlanta Hawks, 125-99.

You like my LP, Ev?
You like my LP, Ev?
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

They ‘officially' committed 21 turnovers, and if that number seems a bit low, it is. The scorekeeper took off midway through the third to catch the tail end of OKC/Brooklyn. The actual turnover count was a billion. The Hawks shot over 50% from the floor, knocked down eight triples, and seemingly had hit the century mark before Wheel of Fortune was over.

Philly's starters' +/- tonight looks like the spreads of some non-conference college football games.







Alabama isn't giving -21 to Middle Tennessee St this week. That's just James Anderson.

Atlanta had seven players in double digits tonight, paced by former Sixer and Old Chevy, Elton Brand. Brand was booed by some of the Sixers Faithful, because we're horrible people who don't deserve nice things. That is why the Sixers beat Boston on Wednesday. Because a vocal minority felt the need to boo Elton Brand.  And Iguodala. Or any former Sixer who isn't Allen Iverson. It's all cyclical. Maybe if we start acting nicer toward our alumni, Evan Turner wouldn't be knocking down game winners right in our filthy, greedy mugs?

Kyle Korver scored 11 points while never once stepping foot inside the three point line. According to his odometer, Korver traveled just .18 miles tonight. He was a very efficient 3-4 (3-4 from three point range). Lou Williams, class of 2012, didn't miss a beat. Lou scored a Bossesque 12 points on 3-10 shooting, and 5-5 from the line. Hugo Boss.

Thaddeus Young was a lone bright spot for the Sixers. Thad single-handedly kept the entire Philly region from switching over to Undercover Boss - for at least a half anyway. Thad dropped 29 points on 11-19 shooting, 3 triples, 8 boards, and 5 steals. Young had 19 points early into the second quarter. I thought we were approaching Willie Burton Territory, but Young tapered off after halftime. Also, the end result was never in doubt. Few starters saw 4th quarter action.

We may not be hearing from a certain leader of the Ninja Turtles until ET's next inevitable game winner. Turner had a forgettable game tonight. He recorded 6 points on 2-10 shooting and a technical foul. Hawes wasn't much better. Spence scored 6 points (3-5 from the floor), and a technical foul.

James Anderson wore the golden sombrero tonight. He scored zero points in 29 minutes - 0-6 from the floor. You're probably hoping for a bit more production from your starting shooting guard.

The Sixers get back on the horse tomorrow against Detroit.

Potent Potables

-I looked up at the TV while writing the recap, and Malik Rose was wearing a Marc Zumoff mask. I think they were reenacting a scene from Halloween III.

-Elliot Williams scored 15 points tonight (8-10 from the FT line).

-Tony Wroten went 1-13 from the floor. Those double rims at the Wells Fargo can be tricky, tricky.

-The Sixers failed to score 100 points and earn Big Macs for those in attendance. They missed their last six from the floor. Cruel.

-I went to a high school basketball game tonight, and a player buried a half-court shot to end the quarter. Then I went home and watched this slop.

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