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Raptors Deny Sixers Behind Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan

Final score: 104-95.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers lost to the Raptors in Philly tonight to fall to 14-29 on the season. It was a largely painless game, supported by the fact that I took a nap from the middle of the second to the beginning of the fourth. I trust you all did the same.

In the preview, I expressed my excitement that Toronto is good, or at the very least, good for the East. They've got some likeable players and those players did nice things tonight. Kyle Lowry casually picked up a triple-double. DeMar DeRozan benefited from Evan Turner-like defense from Evan Turner and popped in 34 points on 22 shots. Even old friend John Smoked Salmons had a nice game.

It was one of those forgettable, vanilla January games in a lost season while we're waiting for bigger dominos to fall. There's a strong chance I'll never think about this game again. Most of the season should be that way -- we're not in the business of really giving a shit what happens on the court between now and next November. MCW will have good nights and bad nights.

Maybe I'm making the argument for you to stop reading Liberty Ballers. Probably isn't the *best* way to market your blog, I'm told. Eh. To the Observations of Worthlessness!

-- yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Hollis Thompson. I've been laying the pipe for Holliswood for months now, and he had his best game as a pro tonight. He's been renowned for his miniscule usage rate and that's just swell. He's got his three-point stroke working, is long enough to pull in rebounds (9 tonight), and he doesn't give the ball away. I want Hollislujah in Philly for years to come.

-- Michael Carter-Williams should stop falling onto the ground so hard. He did nice things around the basket tonight, hit a few jumpers, got to the line a bit. Ups and downs with the guy. Would like the downs to hurt his bones less.

-- After playing almost the entire first three quarters, Evan Turner was glued to the bench for most of the 4th. Why? Because he played like sweaty gym sock. Forced shots, no defense, over-dribbling. 5-17 from the field and no real positive contributions over his 33 minutes.

-- 17 shots is probably too many for Spencer Hawes. He goofed around and was largely decent, especially defensively on Jonas Valanciunas, who has a tendency to disappear -- an impressive quality for a 7-foot person.

-- No Lorenzo Brown tonight. Why?

-- I made a trade with Adam Francis of Raptors HQ on Twitter -- Thaddeus Young (who just did his thing tonight, garbage buckets, craftiness, etc.) for Terrence Ross, Patrick Patterson (expiring), and an unprotected 2015 1st round pick. How do we feel about that? Hinkie and Masai, I'm pretty sure you guys have to oblige Twitter trades between SBNBA blogs.

-- Carmelo Anthony had 62 points, a franchise record for the Knicks. The Knicks remain 11 games under .500.

-- More impressively, Mirza Teletovic had 34. I love him.

-- More more impressively, Chandler Parsons hit 10 consecutive threes. I've been in love with Chandler for so long that we've settled into a nice routine where, even though the spark isn't there as much as it used to be, we share a mutual respect for one another and support each other in our creative and intrapersonal endeavors.

-- The Pelicans won. They're still in the 10th spot for the lottery. I would like to give all of you a collective shoulder rub.


Sixers got OKC tomorrow night. They stomped on Boston this evening without the services of Kevin Durant. See you then.


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