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Raptors vs. Sixers Final Score Immediate Reaction Thread

Kept it close, finished 104-95.

such a good picture
such a good picture
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The division-leading Toronto Raptors came in and handled business against the Sixers on Dollar Pretzel Night at the Wells Fargo Center. I'm trying to think of a pretzel metaphor for Kyle Lowry, but I'll abandon that and just say he had a hell of a game, finishing with a triple-double of 18-10-13 with two turnovers on 11 shots. Dude is good, and I'm glad the Raptors will most likely keep him for a playoff run.

On the Sixers side of things, Brett Brown kept a slim rotation and only played 9 guys. Michael Carter-Williams had a nice game, but took some hard hits at the end that made me squirm a bit. Don't get hurt, baby. Show me some Lorenzo Brown.

Overall it's what you want in a Sixers game, especially at home. Stayed in the game throughout, made a late push with mostly starters in at the end, and came away with the loss.

Now it's time to drink heavily and scoreboard watch. Also Carmelo has like a thousand points against the Bobcats. Adorable. Knicks will still be bad.

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