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Toronto Raptors vs. Sixers Preview Celebration

Sixers have lost the previous two meetings with Toronto this year.

For Tanner, since his birthday was yesterday.
For Tanner, since his birthday was yesterday.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

I'm really happy that the Raptors are good. Not just because Masai Ujiri is a wizard and could for sure tank his way out of a paper bag, but because it's been a while since Toronto had anything and they could use it. Like a less depressed Milwaukee. It's been a while since Vince Carter and (first person that came to my head) Antonio Davis were making the playoffs in the early aughts and it's nice to see them finally bounce back from picking Rafael Araujo over Iguodala. Some stings never wear off.

So even though after the Rudy Gay trade, it was widely assumed that Kyle Lowry would be next out the door, the Raps have held tight and won some games (15-8 since), solidifying their position atop the Atlantic as Brooklyn continues to charge behind them, now just three games back. As we predicted, Sacramento has also improved -- 5-13 before the trade, 10-13 since -- which is quite nice for the Kings! A roundly good trade for our tanking goals altogether.

A new segment that will surely be short-lived! People On The Other Team That I Like:

-- Jonas Valanciunas!

-- Masai Ujiri!

-- Amir Johnson!

-- Terrence Ross!

-- Greivis Vasquez!

-- Patrick Patterson!

-- Julyan Stone!

-- Rob Ford!

And that's that.

Now past the halfway point in the season, people hoping for some clarity in the cellars of the NBA remain disappointed. It's a goddamn mess down there. The Sixers, after their win over the Knicks, are now half a game back (up is down, down is up?) of my Utah Jazz in the tanking rankings, good for the 4th pick. Boston is right there with them, NYK a game ahead, the Kings and Lakers are 1.5 up/down/something and everybody's patting Milwaukee on the back for just winning a game. Hey good for you guys. Pelicans are still 10th. Chilladelphia.

Sixers/Raps tip off at 7 at the WFC. It's a Friday night -- head down there yourself to check out some hot international baloncesto. Check Raptors HQ for coverage.

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