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Sixers on pace to be youngest NBA team ever

Some middle schools have older average ages.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After today, the Philadelphia 76ers will have completed half of their season. Spencer Hawes is the oldest active member of the Sixers. He will be 25 years old until April 28th, twelve days after the team plays their final game of the season against the Miami Heat. Barring a trade for the elderly and providing Jason Richardson doesn't play again this year -- though he claims he will -- the 2013-14 Sixers are on pace to go a full season without anyone over 25 playing a single minute.

By my research, that would make them the only team in NBA history with that distinction. The Timberwolves came close in 2010-11, but 2,159 minutes of Luke Ridnour and 29 minutes of Maurice Ager kept them from the arbitrary accomplishment.

The concept of the film In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried started out really, really cool. My friend interned for New Regency Productions, which produced the Andrew Niccol-directed film, a few years back while it was in development and going by the title Now. There was some pop to the idea that, in this dystopian future, time was money. Conceit was basically, somehow, humans were engineered to now stop aging at 25 and given one year to live unless they had the money to prolong life.

Turned out the movie sucked.

If there was a film equivalent of two lottery picks rewarded to awful movies, maybe In Time would have a chance.

At least everybody was hot.


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