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Sixers vs. Heat Running Diary Game Recap: Miami Wins 101-86

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To no surprise, the Heat beat the Sixers on Friday night. Here's a running diary of how it happened:

6:30 - Dinner: Buffalo chicken hoagie. Lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, and pickles. Not bad.

6:40 - With dinner out of the way (hoagie), and a few swigs of Frost Gatorade, I'm ready. I fire up The Blogging Machine.

6:45 - Still 15 minutes to kill. I turn CSN on. They're talking about Greg Oden. I'm thinking of Michael Levin.

6:47 - Now the pregame show is talking about Michael Carter-Williams. They show a graphic with his season stats, titled "MCW, OMG". Apt.

6:55 - Quick bathroom break.

6:57 - The Sixers are going to get killed, aren't they?

6:58 - Probably.

7:00 - Those blue and gray Sixers warmup outfits look so much cooler than those ugly reds ones.

7:06 - Reporters at the game were fans of the national anthem singer. Some reviews: "11-year-old kid just killed the national anthem here. Wow. When I was 11, I played Nintendo and wiffle ball." "Seriously, forget Ayla Brown. Let's have this kid here-- Every. Single. Night."

7:07 - For some reason, the great Zach Lowe is at this game. Why would Grantland do that to him?

7:10 - Chris Bosh hits the first bucket of the contest. Game over.

7:12 - Lots of cheers for made shots by the Heat. Miami North.

7:15 - Hawes under the hoop finds a cutting James Anderson for a big two handed slam. Arkansas James came ready to play.

7:16 - Malik Rose notes that Birdman (Chris Anderson) could be on Duck Dynasty with a beard like the one he has. Nice one, Malik.

7:20 - Oh my god LeBron just went coast to coast and dunked on everyone. He's good.

7:26 - Dewayne Dedmon checks in! Look out, Miami.

7:28 - The Heat are moving the ball extremely well. And shooting well. And defending well. And... yeah, you get the idea.

7:33 - Brandon Davies dunk! And he didn't miss! Is Mike Baumann even watching this?

7:34 - Malikism: "Rashard Lewis is living in the corner like he's a roach!"

7:35 - Brandon Davies did another good thing! What is happening.

END OF FIRST - Heat 34, Sixers 24

7:39 - "Kevin Hart trying to lead the fans in a "Let's go Sixers" chant. Might have worked if not for 15K Heat fans here." - @APGelston

7:45 - Dewayne Dedmon playing some nice defense on Ray Allen out on the perimeter. Yeah, you read that right.

7:50 - Spencer Hawes putback bucket. Zumoff notes how the Sixers are third in the league in second chance points. Huh, I didn't know that. Sixers are only down 12 points, which isn't too bad considering the circumstances.

7:55 - Hawes thinks he gets fouled, but no call. He's not happy. Hawes gets T'd up. Rich Hofmann notes: "Hawes is slowly turning into Sheed with all the threes and techs." 'Guaranhawesd' doesn't have the same ring to it.

7:57 - Hard foul from Evan on LeBron! You foul the King, you best not miss. Refs originally call it a flagrant but reverse it into a regular foul. Right call. The play looked worse live. Not so bad on the replay.

8:00 - Hahahahawes misses a dunk from point blank range.

8:07 - Sixers are 1-10 from 3 point range. Shooting 31% from the field. Not so good!

HALFTIME - Heat 58, Sixers 41

8:14 - "#TogetherWeBuild(ABrickHouse)" - Derek Bodner

8:19 - One fan is optimistic about the Sixers chances

8:26 - Sixers reporters noting that Mike Trout is at the game. Fun fact from @ChrisVito, getting his Darren Rovell on: "Mike Trout made $510,000 last season. By comparison, Brandon Davies is making $490,000 this season."

8:28 - Turner to Hawes alley-oop to start the second half. Nice.

8:37 - Evan hits a bucket and becomes the first Sixer to reach double digits. With about 7 minutes left in the third quarter.

8:45 - Completely unrelated to the Sixers-Heat game, John Wall hit a crazy shot.

8:48 - Evan airballs a floater. Is the game over yet?

8:52 - Dedmon drills a jumper with Udonis Haslem in his face. That's his first bucket as a Sixer. Welcome to the team, DD.

8:53- Dedmon was a massive swat on a Chalmers shot! Dedmon is TAKING OVER THIS GAME (not really)

END OF THIRD - Heat 79, Sixers 61

9:03 - Oh, the game isn't over yet.

9:06 - "LeBron was complaining that Hollis Thompson fouled him and while that happened, Hollis Thompson scored. That is my favorite sequence ever." - Michael Levin

9:12 - Sixers still playing hard. And I think Brandon Davies is looking the most competent I've ever seen him?

9:15 - James drilling shots with Davies "covering" him. High comedy.

9:18 - Hollis Thompson four point play - no big deal.

9:20 - Dewayne Dedmon makes a shot, gets fouled, misses the free throw, throws down a massive putback slam on a missed shot from Thompson. Hey, we're having fun!

9:24 - The Sixers haven't played at all here in the fourth quarter. James alley-oop slam over Davies. Poor, poor Brandon Davies.

9:27 - Miami pulls their starters with only 2 minutes left in the game. Garbage time impending.

9:33 - Game over. Final score: Heat 101, Sixers 86.

Final Thoughts:

• Some Sixers shooting numbers: 31-84 (36.9%) from the field, 2-20 (10%) from 3, 22-37 (59.5%) from the charity stripe. Not so hot, but getting to the line 37 times is something.

• The Sixers were obviously outmatched in talent but you have to give them credit for playing hard. Especially the backups, who played the entire fourth quarter.

• Michael Carter-Williams had a great game the first time these two teams met in the season opener. Not so much tonight: 7 points 7 shots (1-7) for 2 assists, 1 rebound, 1 steal, and a whopping 5 turnovers. The Heat were a little more prepared this time.

• Brandon Davies! He actually did some nice things tonight, but unfortunately  drew the short straw and was faced with the task of guarding LeBron in the fourth quarter. Davies did his best. LeBron destroyed him.

• I liked what I saw from Dewayne Dedmon in his second game as a Sixer. He's looked like a real solid rebounder off the bench (7 tonight) and he's playing hard to make the most out of his opportunity on a 10-day contract.

Up Next: Sixers play in Chicago for a Saturday night game against the Bulls starting at 8:00 PM. The tank rolls on.

Final - 1.17.2014 1 2 3 4 Total
Miami Heat 34 24 21 22 101
Philadelphia 76ers 24 17 20 25 86

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