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Miami Heat Return To The Wells Fargo Center Tonight For THE REMATCH

It's a team expected to contend for a championship. It's a team expected to contend for the #1 pick in the draft. It's the rematch of an improbable Sixers opening day classic. It's the end of a teaser that you must think was written by ESPN.

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There was a time when every Sixers fan in the world was positively ecstatic the 2013-14 Sixers won a game. A joyous time of nine Michael Carter-Williams steals, Evan Turner being awesome, Darius Morris not missing a shot from the floor, and Kwame Brown DNP-CDs.

Well those days are gone.

The hope of the start of the season has been taken over by a trudge of bad basketball, prospect-watching, tanking, and the Sixers picking up odd wins in places not many people expected them to pick up wins. The Sixers enter tonight's game on a one game winning streak, but that kind of undersells things. The Sixers were on a four-game losing streak, and then on four days rest played a Charlotte Bobcat team who themselves were on the tail end of a back-to-back game playing on the road in the Wells Fargo Center.

It was as if the NBA schedule was saying, "we pity the losing season your fans are going to endure and we really want Sixers fans to see a win one cold January night, so here you are on several days rest against the Bobcats on the tail-end of a back-to-back and playing in the Wells Fargo Center." A magnanimous gesture for sure from the NBA schedule. And the Sixers needed a last second Thaddeus Young three point shot to emerge victorious.

When we last left the Heat they were wallowing in a .500 record after losing to a team many initially thought could contend for the honor of worst team ever. How have they followed that up? Well, turns out, random variation can occasionally lead to strange one-game results. Who knew! The Heat are 27-11 and in first place in the Southeast Division, but let's take a look at all the teams who have beaten the Heat this season and see if there is an emerging trend. Who else had unexpected nights of happiness?

Sixers 114-110
Nets 101-100
Celtics 111-110
Bulls 107-87
Pistons 107-97
Pacers 90-84
Kings 108-103
Warriors 114-123
Knicks 102-92
Nets 104-95
Wizards 114-97

Of the Heat's 11 losses this season, five of them have come against the Atlantic Division. Yes, this Atlantic Division. The Heat are 3-5 against the Atlantic Division on the season and all three of those wins have come against the Toronto Raptors. Basically what I'm saying is AWW YEAH ATLANTIC DIVISION LOOK AT THAT THE HEAT CAN'T TOP THIS SHIT!

No. Really. They can't pick up wins against this shit.

The Heat come into this game having lost their last three games, losing to the Knicks, Nets, and Wizards. But the Sixers are worse than those three teams and the Sixers already had a fluke result against the Heat once this season. At some point, talent should win out and the Heat should easily dismantle the Sixers tonight at the Wells Fargo Center. After all, the Heat have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and now Greg Oden. The Sixers do not have those players. Or reasonable healthy equivalents. But it's a single game, anything can happen, and just because the Sixers won once does not mean they can't win again.

Game thread upcoming in a few hours. Stay tuned to Liberty Ballers continued coverage of THE REMATCH.

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