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Jason Richarson Will Play This Year According to Jason Richardson

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Would be the team's oldest player by 7 years.

had to dig way deep for this one
had to dig way deep for this one
Streeter Lecka

There was a secondary update yesterday after the Nerlens Noel hullaballoo went down, and it's the latest edition of REMEMBER THIS GUY: HE'S STILL ON THE TEAM, where we hear from Jason Richardson, who for all intents and purposes may as well be Aaron McKie circa 2007. J-Rich has missed the entire season with a bum... uhh... old... but he's not packing it in just yet.

I hope he plays. For his sake and for the team's. If he shows even the slightest bit of ability, he can be moved on draft night as a non-useless expiring contract in a trade where the Sixers take on more salary for picks or something of that ilk. Plus he's been a good guy to have on Brett Brown's sideline and if he wants to play, he should play.

The obvious counter-argument to that being: hey, he makes them better! But an old, broken, sweaty Jason Richardson isn't winning too many games after a 9-month hiatus after three of the team's four best players have been traded.

I'm not worried. Heal up, J. Do what you gotta do.