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Source: Sixers Attempting To Package Spencer Hawes And Evan Turner In Trade

Two of the three main trade chips of the Sixers, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes, could be traded together in a package deal.

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Nothing says January like some good old fashioned NBA trade rumors. With the trade deadline of February 20th quickly approaching and the Sixers eyeing a way to get even worse, Philadelphia is beginning to work the phones.

Sources have expressed to Liberty Ballers that Philadelphia is stepping back from any trade negotiations for Thaddeus Young, and attempting to push a package of Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes. The source also went on to say that a few teams have shown interest, although rather minute, and no deal is close to imminent.

Both Hawes and Turner are on expiring contracts (although Turner is a restricted free agent this summer), while Thaddeus Young has two years left on his contract, with an option for a third.

Young is inevitably going to get traded, as not only has the Georgia Tech product requested a move from Philadelphia, but has put up tremendous numbers this season. He's averaging a career high 17.8 PPG, and shooting nearly 40% from beyond the arc, a new found ability this season. Removing themselves from conversation of moving the 25 year-old seem like a tactic in hopes of upping trade offers, while also trying to feel out a market for Hawes and Turner.

Hawes, like Young, is putting up career numbers in points per game and three point shooting percentage, and as an expiring contract should have a ton of value to a contender as a backup big man. The value of Evan Turner seems much more hazy, partially why they could want to pair him with Hawes in any trade.

There are times when the former number two overall pick shows flashes of brilliance, followed up by stretches of poor play and bad decisions. Couple that with his recently publicized disinterest in coming off the bench, and you have a player whose trade value is in the tank. At this point, Turner alone is likely to net you a 2nd round pick, possibly a prospect and all of the Shawn Marion's in the world.

I'd expect the Sixers to move forward and eventually execute a trade packaging the two, and one team likely to show interest in the coming weeks is Oklahoma City. They've expressed interest in Turner earlier this season, and Hawes would be an upgrade over Kendrick Perkins. They also have two first round picks to play with this year, and a prospect type in Perry Jones III to help sweeten the pot.

Expect Hawes and Turner to be the first domino to fall for Philadelphia in what is likely to be a busy upcoming month.

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