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Power Rankings: Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up

We're bad again!

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Facts only: The Sixers are 4-0 when our power rankings roundup takes a week off. When we decide to bring it back? Well, they opt to be god awful again.

Philadelphia made a jump from the bottom as they went undefeated to open the new year, but after four straight losses, they've worked their way back south.

Matt Moore of had the Sixers ranked 24th this week, down eight spots from 16 (!) last week. Courtesy of Matt:

Every time they start to churn their mouths about not tanking, they go on a losing streak. Stop talking.

Keep those lips moving, baby. Putting that job solely on Evan Turner.

Jason Patt of the mothership that is SBNation placed them a hair lower at 25 after spending last week at 20, while ESPN's Marc Stein had the Sixers at 26.

More from Stein:

The Sixers had reigning Wimbledon ladies champ (and recently retired) Marion Bartoli in the house Friday night. Slick move to try to distract the tennis-loving committee (of one) after a week in which Philly went 0-4 against a quartet of teams that, Knicks aside, ain't exactly rolling.

Hey, those Cavaliers are pesky.

John Schuhmann of had the Sixers at 27, and the USA Today gang and Yahoo's Marc Spears both felt they belonged at 28. Clearly this Sixers team is who we thought they were (word to Dennis Green), but I still find them to be better than the current bottom 3. I'd even venture to say they're better than Boston and Cleveland, but stop short of the Boogie led Sacramento Kings.

I imagine they'll float around in the 27-28 spot for the remainder of the year.

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