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Sixers vs. Knicks Game Thread

Brandon Davies vs. Andrea Bargnani vs. Haywoode Workman

"Disaster Relief"
"Disaster Relief"
Neilson Barnard
Game #37
New York Knicks (2012 - Pres)

Philadelphia 76ers (2010 - Pres)
Wells Fargo Center
7:30 PM
Comcast SportsNet
Probable Starters
Raymond Felton PG Michael Carter-Williams
Iman Shumpert SG James Anderson
Carmelo Anthony SF Evan Turner
Andrea Bargnani PF Thaddeus Young
Kenyon Martin C Spencer Hawes
2013/14 Advanced Stats
90.2 (29) Pace 100.2 (1)
104.5 (17) ORtg 100.6 (25)
107.9 (24) DRtg 108.8 (27)
Game Officials
Tom Washington
Josh Tiven
Haywoode Workman

Haywoode Workman! My favorite NBA referee!

It's those pace numbers I find most interesting. The Sixers play at a faster pace than any team in the league, while the Knicks are second from bottom. So rather than predicting a Knicks win or a Sixers win, I think the most likely scenario is that the two teams' styles conflict so badly they create a fissure in space-time that consumes everything within its gravitational pull. The world will end and the only evidence future civilizations will have of our existence is the occasional Tony Wroten three-pointer that escapes the maw of the wormhole.

Knicks vs 76ers coverage

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