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Pistons Block Sixers Into Submission, Another Loss

Three losses in a row.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A most Sixersy game. With an incognito Allen Iverson in attendance, the Pistons allowed the Sixers to get off to a smoking hot start, but it was quickly curtailed by Philadelphia remembering that they're bad at this. And if the offense isn't at the very least kicking major ass, they won't win -- defense is too horrible.

The Pistons came into tonight with the 24th-ranked offense in the NBA. Feeling badly about that, the Sixers obliged their longing by allowing 114 points, mostly on the back of 25 offensive rebounds. TWENTY. FIVE. Without any centers outside of Spencer Hawes, the Sixers' rebounding deficiency was even more exposed. Even Kyle Singler had 5 O-boards.

Detroit took the lead in the third quarter when Brandon Jennings finally did something. It's incredible how easily bad players can get good looks against the Sixers defense. Like watching childbirth incredible.

All in all, a fine night for Lucy. Played fun in front of the home crowd for a bit before ultimately falling in true Sixers fashion. Some observations:

  • Man, the refs let a lot of contact at the rim go by. Andre Drummond and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope were hammered. No call. Michael Carter-Williams and Elliot Williams crushed. No call. It was across the board, which is fine, it was just weird. Only 20 free throws for the Sixers -- doesn't reflect how much they were going to the basket.
  • MCW controls his body so well around the rim. Would love a few more pounds on him, obviously, but he's excellent with angles and putting the ball up soft. Very nice to see.
  • Will Bynum stole the ball from MCW in the waning seconds of the game when the rookie was dogging it. He looked pissed after. Good learning experience, that.
  • Box score says the Pistons had 14 blocks but I think they're missing a few zeroes.
  • My man Elliot Williams. Athleticism. Jumper. Give him time to put it together, I think he sticks.
  • My man Brandon Davies... yikes. Not your not, brah. One particularly egregious moment was when he happened to catch the ball 6 feet from the basket wide open. Hesitated. Hesitated. Fans yelled for him to shoot it like he was a walk-on. He took a dribble and put up a floater. I don't have to tell you if it went in or not.
  • I dug my old inhaler out after my run to see if it would help some shortness of breath, not realizing it expired over a year ago. Insides feel dusty.
  • Evan Turner said this:

  • James Anderson played well in his first start in a while. Hollis Thompson did not.
  • There may not be anyone in basketball as good -- like actually good -- at offense while being so ungodly bad -- like BAD -- at defense as our very own Spencer Hawes.
  • Tony Wroten played for the first time after his flu. He blocked a couple shots, which was nice, but he didn't look too good otherwise. Get those legs in, babe.
  • You can't convince me Kyle Singler isn't the best player in the league.
  • Who wins 1-on-1 right now -- Iverson or Evan Turner? Bet you one thing, both guys would put big money on themselves winning.
  • Thad had a few nice plays, but was generally ehhhh tonight.
  • Chauncey Billups still gets paid to be an NBA player.

12-24. The streaking Knicks visit tomorrow. Things are going as planned.

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