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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #7: Randle Reigns, McDermott Arrives

Julius Randle and his oft-criticized wingspan have grabbed the No. 6 spot. Are you hankering for some Aaron Gordon, or will a sweet shooter tickle your fancy?

Wingspan for what?!
Wingspan for what?!
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle has seen his stock dip after strong showings on the workout circuit from Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon, but it wasn't enough to keep him from grabbing the No. 6 spot on the Big Board. He ran away with 52 percent of the vote, able to grip the electorate on both sides despite his allegedly undersized reach.

Randle was among the most consistent performers in college basketball this season and is a solid selection at six. I would be thrilled to have him standing alongside Noel next season as long as he wasn't the primary haul from the draft.

Following some rest and relaxation on Sunday, we're back at the ballot box to start the work week. Randle outpacing his competition necessitates an addition to the field in Doug McDermott, a polarizing prospect around these parts.

Exhibit A:

McDermott brings at least one skill to the table that was severely lacking on last year's Sixers -- shooting. Putting the ball in your opponent's basket is the most essential of all basketball abilities, so having a guy who can do it for your team is probably ideal. Unless Sam Hinkie is hard at work developing an algorithm that can win an NBA championship without shooting, McDermott's touch is reason enough to get him into the conversation.

The main issue with McDermott (defense) would be compounded by playing alongside someone like Jabari Parker, a potential Sixers selection at No. 3. So while in a vacuum it'd be nice to add McBuckets to the mix, he won't be a practical choice with many possible permutations of the draft. Aaron Gordon is mighty tempting and has been proving feisty in these polls, so I smell a victory upcoming for the young Wildcat.

But don't take my word for it! Everyone put on your GM hats and get to work. Vote, debate, be excellent to each other.

LB Community Big Board

1. Andrew Wiggins (55%)
2. Joel Embiid (66%)
3. Jabari Parker (76%)
4. Dante Exum (69%)
5. Noah Vonleh (48%)
6. Julius Randle (52%)

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