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2014 NBA Draft Pimp Your Prospect: Glenn Robinson III

Glenn Robinson III has come to atone for his father's transgressions in Philadelphia. Let that boy dunk.

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Legacy kids as a general rule are pretty much insufferable. Nobody wants to feel as if they're getting glossed over in favor of someone with a famous last name. It's the reason we had to suffer through the dark days of The Simple Life being prime-time television and nationally televised Jeffrey Jordan high school games.

But while Glenn Robinson III may have gained some clout off the strength of Bigg Dogg's exploits, it's the genetic advantages passed down to him by his father that make him an exciting prospect.

For one, he's got prototypical size on the wing, standing a shade under 6'7" with a standing reach of almost eight and a half feet. This allowed him to get reps at a couple different positions at Michigan, mainly at the three and four slots. Positional flexibility is more important than ever, and Robinson has the measurements to play in a multitude of lineups. He doesn't have the bulk yet to guard the bigger power forwards around the league, but he leveraged his length and athleticism to show flashes of defensive capability.

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And man oh man, that athleticism is something else. Whether he was dunking all over Penn State or flushing 360's against Minnesota, GRIII has been no stranger to the highlight reel during his two seasons at Michigan. At the bottom of the first round (where Robinson is projected to go) I'm looking for either one of two things -- a discernible skill like a reliable shot from deep, or an insane amount of talent that a coaching staff can mold to their liking. Robinson has the latter, clocking in with a 41.5 inch max vertical at the Combine.

One of the big critiques of Robinson's game is that he doesn't create much offense for himself, and the same "passive" concerns lobbed at Andrew Wiggins are ever-present. While shot creation might be a concern for a lottery pick, I'm more than okay with taking a guy who is content to play off the ball later in the draft.

The hope is that the Sixers No. 3 selection and Michael Carter-Williams will be the primary table-setters on offense, so adding players who are proficient at playing off the ball is actually preferred in my eyes. Operating mostly off of cuts, put-backs and fast break opportunities, Robinson finished at a solid 63% clip inside this past season. His outside touch needs some work, but he has a fairly fluid stroke that can hopefully be harnessed by Brett Brown and Co.

Falling into a secondary role doesn't come easy -- as evidenced by the early struggles of the Miami Heat to get max impact out of the Big Three -- and not every team can be populated with alpha dogs. While getting a guy with the skills and the mentality to be a go-to player is my preference at the top of the draft, every good team needs players willing to fill in the blanks.

Robinson has already proven he could do it for a championship contender in college, and I'd love to see him get a chance to do so in Philadelphia. And plus, if Baumann also gets his wish, we get Robinson-McGary chest bumps in perpetuity. Who could say no to that?

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