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2014 NBA Draft Series: Should The Sixers Move Down From 10?


Ed Zurga

Mock drafts should not be taken for more than what they are: fun conversation starters. The way Sam Hinkie and the Sixers organization operate, employing the sort of sneakiness like a dessert cake that goes straight to your thighs, nobody really knows who the Sixers might entertain with the 10th pick. The refrain remains the same for the most part, a trio of two guards and a Croatian big man seem seem to be the most common names selected at number ten.

Draft Possibilities

Frankly, I dislike them all at that spot. James Young isn't more than a standstill shooter who probably isn't quick enough to guard other two guards. Gary Harris might as well be Gary Coleman as the Sixers are concerned, as a (generous) 6' 4.5" guard with a 6' 6.75" wingspan really does not fit Philadelphia's mold. Nik Stauskas can't score from within the three point line and plays defense like this little lady. Saric is probably the best of this group but his hesitance to come over immediately scares me.

Simply put, I would still be looking for someone to fill a starting role on this team with where the Pelicans pick sits, and the talent expected to be there does not show me that type of potential. Look at it how you will, but outside the top eight or so there is a definitive drop off in talent. Sam Hinkie is a collector and not a seller, so I can't see him selling the farm to move up two or three slots from #10.

The move is to slide down a bit, steal away picks or young talent from a team who may be infatuated with James Young's dreadlocks. Chicago wants to offer you 16 and 21 to hop in the lottery? Be my guest. The talent drop off from seven to ten is severe. The fall from ten to fifteen or sixteen is not. Phoenix wants to move up and secure that they'll be able to take a scorer like Kyle Anderson? The cost is picks 14 and 27, sirs.

Michigan State's Adreian Payne is a guy you could plug in as your starting power forward immediately (as Brandon wrote yesterday), a perfect complimentary player to Nerlens Noel. P.J. Hairston's a knockdown shooter who has shown the potential for growth defensively. Hell, Rodney Hood probably isn't going before 13, and I could rave about him for days.

There is no requirement that the Sixers pick at 10, and if a player like Aaron Gordon or Doug McDermott are scooped up before Philadelphia is on the clock, then it is worth moving down and adding whatever assets you can.

It's the Hinkie way.

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