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So the Sixers Never Actually Tried to Trade the Cavs for the #1 Pick

"Death Of A Smokescreen" - Arthur Miller

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is over. We have a billion things to say. But first, reports trickle in now that all the hedging and leveraging is over, and one of them is about the Sixers! Hey, you remember the Sixers. That team that everybody was reporting how badly they were trying to trade up to the Cleveland Cavaliers' #1 pick to get Andrew Wiggins? The team that offered everything in the world to get him?

That sure was exciting! They ended up drafting Joel Embiid, but let's see how close they came to getting Wiggins:

The NBA Draft is the best night of the year. And no one is more fun to follow than Sam Hinkie. We're sorting out who they actually did end up with -- pretty sure Embiid's one of them -- and we'll get that up soon.

Just another reminder that everyone, absolutely everyone, is full of shit leading up to the draft. Best part is: we don't even know if THIS report is true. I need to read a book or take a 10-hour bath to wind down. My heart hurts.

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