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NBA Draft Rumor: Sixers Want Andrew Wiggins, Upping Trade Offer to Cavs

Three months ago, I wrote this. Now, it may become a real thing.

Jamie Squire

Sam Hinkie is not watching soccer. Sam Hinkie is sitting calmly in a hyperbaric chamber communicating with the Cleveland Cavaliers via microchip in his brain. And according to the Sixers beat writers, it has been looping the same two words for the past 16 years -- Andrew Wiggins.

You had me after the second really, the third one makes it seem like a smokescreen. Wipe down your smoke detectors, we have work to do.

Wouldn't want them to trade #3, #10, and Thaddeus Young for the #1 pick, but maybe that's what it's gonna take. Perchance they fancy Arnett Moultrie? Hmm?

It'll take a lot, but if Hinkie wants 'im, Hinkie gon' get 'im. Get your Canadian flags ready.

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