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Magic-Nuggets Trade: Arron Afflalo for Evan Fournier Screws Things Up Maybe

So many things are happening before the draft what is this I'm not ready!

can't miss an opp to see fournier pics
can't miss an opp to see fournier pics
Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

This may throw a wrench into... well, everything. The Orlando Magic were a strong candidate to trade with the Cavs for the #1 pick, allowing Jabari Parker-Dante Exum to go 1-2, but maybe Cleveland passed on that, because it looks like they've moved on with an Arron Afflalo trade. He goes back to the Denver Nuggets and it's... not great.

Does this mean Thaddeus Young's value is even lower than we thought? Are people valuing youth and draft picks to such a degree that solid two-way players like Thad and Afflalo are, at their not-that-old age, minimally valuable? That seems dumb.

I wouldn't count out Magic GM Rob Hennigan from using this as a part of a different move, or there's stuffs we don't yet know. Afflalo is very good. Evan Fournier is 100% my dude, but that's just a minuscule haul for him.

Draft Day is weird already.

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