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Cavs Draft Pick Rumors: Cleveland Talking to Magic, Sixers about Trading #1

I am now fully awake and fully nervous.

all day, jabari
all day, jabari
Streeter Lecka

It's draft day, there's stuff happening, there's nothing happening, there's so much nothing stuff happening and not happening. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a whirlwind of rumor insanity. They're both trying and not trying to trade out of the #1 pick, and the Sixers and Orlando Magic are seemingly the most involved there.

If Jabari Parker goes #1, Milwaukee would take Andrew Wiggins at #2, so that's not a clear win for the Sixers getting AW either. It would seem that with the Sixers reluctant to trade the 10th pick, Orlando has the best current package to move up. If Arron Afflalo is involved as well, that's quite a haul.

Meanwhile, they tried to work out Dante Exum last minute. To no avail. LOLCAVS.

Humans weren't meant to live with these nerves for this long. Happy prom night, everybody.

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