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Dario Saric Signs Three Year Contract, Dropping Draft Stock


This remains our only Dario Saric picture so we're gonna keep using it okay!
This remains our only Dario Saric picture so we're gonna keep using it okay!

Although this isn't as much of a bummer as an injury, some more frustrating news to report just a few days away from the NBA DraftChad Ford informs us that Dario Saric has signed a contract to stay in Europe for three more years. The Sixers taking him with the 10th pick excites me a little less now.

I wouldn't shy away from him entirely, but I was operating under the assumption that the appeal of starting right away and playing major minutes for a young team would appeal to Dario enough to send him this way this season. Alas, it'll take more than just a buyout to bring him stateside. Two years isn't that long, but it would slow down the team's developmental curve if we're talking establishing building blocks to grow together.

But now that I'm writing this, I sort of disagree with myself. Keeping him overseas for two years means starting the clock on his rookie contract when he's closer to his prime. This allows him to get better without the Sixers paying him yet, and 2-3 years is manageable.

If Sam Hinkie thinks he's the best player on the board at #10, I'd still feel very comfortable taking him and waiting patiently. That being said, maybe the delay will spur a trade for the top pick after all.

The possibilities, which were endless, are getting endlesser by the day.

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