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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #19: Hood Conquers Nurkic Nation

Rodney Hood only re-entered the Big Board yesterday and made quick work of his opponents.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

It was a late Thursday evening, and I was tasked to produce LB's Community Big Board #10, an incredibly arduous task. I spent hours upon hours searching through mock drafts and other big boards, seeing who was most deserving of being picked as the tenth best prospect in this draft.

Left over from the previous big board were Nik Stauskas, Doug McDermott, Zach LaVine, Gary Harris, and James Young. There ain't no party like a shooting guard party, so I opted to add Rodney Hood to the group.

At 10 P.M., I received a text from our grumpy EIC, ruining all my hard work.

Mike Levin (10:01 PM): It's done but I feel like we should have [Jusuf] Nurkic here over Hood. Lots of shooters already and Nurkic is ranked higher. Plus you didn't write about Hood anyway.

You don't have to write about Rodney Hood to know he's there, Mike. Rodney Hood is like God.

But I eventually get in, and let Levin have his way with my post. Yesterday, my decision was justified when Hood (24% of the vote) beat out Nurkic (22%) in Big Board #18. Frankly, I was looking out for Nurkic when I didn't select him. Nobody likes a guy who doesn't know how to spell "Joseph". But Levin threw him right into the fire, and now the blood is on his hands.

Left to be picked outside of Nurkic are P.J. Hairston, Spencer Dinwiddie (seriously?), Jordan Adams, K.J McDaniels, T.J. Warren, and Clint Capela. Not sure who I'd take here. Jordan Adams is one of my favorite players in this draft, flying pretty quietly under the radar. He led UCLA with 30 and 1's, which Levin thought was "such a random fact to dish out". Doesn't make it any less true.

Also might be inclined to pick Capela so when I go to hit the vote button I can yell out "THIS ONE IS FOR CAPELAAAAAAAAAA!"

Make your voice heard below.

1. Andrew Wiggins (55%)
2. Joel Embiid (66%)
3. Jabari Parker (76%)
4. Dante Exum (69%)
5. Noah Vonleh (48%)
6. Julius Randle (52%)
7. Aaron Gordon (62%)
8. Marcus Smart (67%)
9. Dario Saric (44%)
10. Nik Stauskas (45%)
11. Gary Harris (31%)
12. Doug McDermott (32%)
13. Zach LaVine (36%)
14. James Young (37%)
15. Adreian Payne (40%)
16. Elfrid Payton (56%)
17. Kyle Anderson (44%)
18. Rodney Hood (24%)

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