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With Joel Embiid Injury, Sixers Interested in Dante Exum, Trading for Draft Pick

More theories than LOST at this point.

Michael Dodge

Hello speculation my old friend. The Joel Embiid foot injury/fracture/amputation has sent shockwaves through the entire world of basketball twitter and the NBA Draft has become Gandalf and Pippin overlooking the bright green of Minas Morgul from Gondor. It's coming.

Well light the goddamn beacons because Woj reports, among other things, that the Sixers are "intrigued with drafting a point guard", which is quite interesting because rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams is sitting right next to me sipping tea passive-aggressively. The names in question are, of course, Dante Exum and Marcus Smart.

Smart wouldn't be selected with Philly's third overall pick, sources said, but Exum does become a candidate for the Sixers at No. 3. Philadelphia has had discussions with teams about gathering an additional pick between its two current choices at No. 3 and No. 10.

Embiid's injury is absolutely turning everybody insane. Everything is a possibility now. Maybe they draft Embiid at #3, maybe they take Exum and trade MCW, maybe they move to Muskogee and herd cattle.

Nothing is being reported with any certainty. The Sixers are considering all of their options. Sam Hinkie will get the guy(s) he wants on draft night. We'll assess the wreckage in a week's time.

The beacons are lit.

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