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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #13: Doug McDermott Advances, DINWIDDIE Added

the thirteen of qarth, doug's the fat warlock whose name takes too long to say.

the night is dark and full of mcbuckets
the night is dark and full of mcbuckets
Cooper Neill

So, sure, regrettably, #12 on the Liberty Ballers Sixers-centric NBA Draft Big Board *deep breath* went to Doug McDermott of House Creighton. I say regrettably because I don't think he's a very good prospect. But we're each just one person, and my just one person vote can't keep you from voting for who you want. I'll say one thing and leave it at that: Do you really want another Doug associated with this team? The only Doug I need is Overton. OK, and Glanville. OK OK, and Dorsey.

We move on. Kristaps Porzingis has, REGRETTABLY, informed the world it's not ready for him, removing himself from the 2014 NBA Draft. He'll return to Europe in hopes of world domination now that Blark is out of the way. Remember the name KRISTAPS KRISTAPS KRISTAPS for next June. He'll be a top 5 pick in the 2015 draft.

I'm also kicking Rodney Hood and his 0% of the voting off the ballot. If you can't put up the numbers -- or just "numbers" at all -- you get relegated. Why? #BecauseItsTheCup. Or something soccery, I dunno. Just GTFO, Rod Hood. You aren't half the cornerback you used to be.

Thus, we'll add three to the voting. One is my godson slash biological father, Spencer "Goddamn!" Dinwiddie. You could say we're way too early to add Monsieur Dinwiddie here, and considering most places have him as an early 2nd rounder, you'd be right. But he's up next on my personal big board as well as my list of people to catch up with on my ride home from work, so it's a self-preservation thing to add him in here, otherwise I'm a liar. I pimped him a couple weeks ago -- "It's like watching someone in a speed-ramped Guy Ritchie movie do the worm and then punch a dude in the jaw." So yeah, I'll be voting Dinwiddie here.

Also in there is the object of analytical affections and affectations, Jordan Adams -- the third UCLA player currently on the voting block. He projects as an NBA two-guard and racked up some ridiculous steal numbers that The Nate Silver Experience (they're great live) bit down on and won't let go. The combine numbers were, erm, unfortunate. But his game isn't predicated upon athleticism, so he still has his vocal contingent of support.

And finally, Tyler Ennis. The odds of the Sixers taking a poor-shooting point guard from Syracuse for the second year in a row are -- and this is a technical Vegas gambling term -- freezing butt, but Ennis is getting close to BPA for the spot, so we're placating the BPA Brigade And Friends by shuffling him in the deck here. Ennis himself just got assigned to the Toronto Raptors at #20 in the Highly Fake LB Mock Draft.

Vote, explain yourself, and name some more of your favorite Dougs below.

1. Andrew Wiggins (55%)
2. Joel Embiid (66%)
3. Jabari Parker (76%)
4. Dante Exum (69%)
5. Noah Vonleh (48%)
6. Julius Randle (52%)
7. Aaron Gordon (62%)
8. Marcus Smart (67%)
9. Dario Saric (44%)
10. Nik Stauskas (45%)
11. Gary Harris (31%)
12. Doug McDermott (32%)

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