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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #12: Harris Reigns, Addition Bonanza

Gary Harris has taken the No. 11 spot on the Community Big Board. Introducing a wave of prospects hailing from Louisiana to Latvia, make your selection for the No. 12 slot on our board.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The ranks have tightened up considerably since the consensus top eight came off the board, and we may have ourselves a good old-fashioned barn burner now that Michigan State's Gary Harris is gone. Harris took 31 percent of the vote capturing the No. 11 spot, locking down the position that immediately follows the Pelicans pick. He will certainly be in play when the 76ers are up to make their second selection.

We'll be opening up the voting for a larger group of candidates, but before that, a PSA standing on the shoulders of Derek's reminder yesterday: This is a Sixers-centric Big Board. While it's a free country blog and you can vote for whoever you damn well please, the idea is that we're ranking players in the order you prefer them as it pertains to the guys in red, white and blue.

Joining us in today's Father's Day field: Adreian Payne, Kristaps Porzingis, Rodney Hood, Elfrid Payton and P.J. Hairston. Everybody brings a little something different to the table, so you'll have no shortage of skill sets to choose from. Payton and Hood in particular have seen their draft stock trend in opposite directions as of late, but Hood's shooting ability is a more favorable fit in a Sixers specific context.

Creighton's Doug McDermott will likely lead this round of voting, and I can't say it would be a terrible pick, but I have a somewhat irrational love for James Young. There's a desire deep within my heart for the Sixers to dunk all over the league next season, and well, Mr. Young sure knows how to do that with some style.

And the winner is....

1. Andrew Wiggins (55%)
2. Joel Embiid (66%)
3. Jabari Parker (76%)
4. Dante Exum (69%)
5. Noah Vonleh (48%)
6. Julius Randle (52%)
7. Aaron Gordon (62%)
8. Marcus Smart (67%)
9. Dario Saric (44%)
10. Nik Stauskas (45%)
11. Gary Harris (31%)

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