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2014 LB Community NBA Draft Big Board #1: Wiggins, Embiid, Parker, Exum

hey, you, watcha gonna do?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Liberty Ballers has been doing a Big Board for five years. And every year, we're wrong. Wesley Johnson, Chris Singleton, Thomas Robinson, almost everyone in last year's draft-- it's important to remember that although we generally scoff at those people who say "the draft is a crapshoot!" ad nauseum, the draft is kind of a crapshoot. Although I like to think that everyone in the 2014 NBA Draft could, in the right circumstances, become a valuable professional basketballer, that's probably not the case. Some of these guys will be bad.

And that leads us to now. This will be our Sixers-centered LB Community Big Board. Make your pick (need, BPA, mustaches) as you see fit. We're going 20-deep. The LB staff has released our own Big Board, and we'll update it after we finish this daily vote a couple days before the draft.

Andrew Wiggins. Joel Embiid. Jabari Parker. Dante Exum. Vote. Explain. Be nice. We're only talking about basketball, after all.

I've waffled on my top four as much as anyone, but not quite on my top one. I know who I'm taking. Who ya got?

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