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2014 NBA Draft Pimp Your Prospect: Spencer Dinwiddie

All the attention is on the Sixers' two picks at No. 3 and No. 10, but we've all got personal favorites for the latter stages of the draft. Mine is Colorado's Spencer "Goddamn!" Dinwiddie.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Dinwiddie is the coolest player in the 2014 NBA Draft. He's got it all. The name-- Spencer Dinwiddie, word has it he was named after Hawes. The mustache-- tight, crisp. The basketball--

Silky. That's the best way I can describe Dinwiddie's game. It's like watching someone in a speed-ramped Guy Ritchie movie do the worm and then punch a dude in the jaw. I would take Spencer Dinwiddie with every single one of the Sixers picks. I'd pick him 3rd, and I'd pick him again at 10, and I'd buy more second round picks just so I can pick him one letter at a time for 16 straight picks. I'd find pics on Instagram and pic him with them too.

Xaro Xhoan Draftos

Dinwiddie is 6-foot-6, 205 pounds of thick, with a 6'8.25 wingspan, and an 8'7 standing reach. He's not so much a guard as he is a ballerina halfback with a panty-droppin' mustache and a respectable collection of leggings. Spencer played three years in Colorado before tearing his ACL in January. He's rehabbing his ass off and progressing nicely, he's cleared for most everything except cutting quickly.

With one of the highest free throw rates in the draft class, his game is a wet dream for efficiency nerds. Kid can flat score. How's a 66.7% true shooting percentage sound? GODDDDDDD. Dude only took 7.7 shots per game (9.9 per 40) as the team's best player because he was living at the line. His 0.91 free throw attempts per field goal attempt is easily the best in the class, chunkily better than Joel Embiid at 0.84. And that's all as, essentially, a point guard with a ridiculous 21% usage rate.

But if you're concerned about the Sixers drafting a smooth, tall point guard who can't shoot when Michael Carter-Williams fits that bill, Spencer can play off the ball. OH CAN HE PLAY OFF THE BALL. Shot 41.3% from deep last season. Rangy as all hell.

Defensively, he's capable. Not stellar, but he and MCW would form a very nicely willing defensive backcourt and turn a lot of swipes and pokes into transition opportunities, where he also excels. Would frustrate the crap out of guards with their length.

What got me even more -- and I think will get our Sam as well -- is how he sounded in the interview. Not even that he referred to himself as "he" for a sizable chunk of it (although that was wonderful), it's how obvious it is that he knows the game, and how his game could fit in the NBA. Really watch the whole thing because when he starts talking about how he can shoot, you get: "A knockdown shooter, just dead-eye, when it leaves my hand it's a bucket" and you don't want to miss that.

(also in the video, notice our friend Keith Pompey texting in the back)

Spencer wants to make himself out to be a really tall point guard so he's more unique and attractive to teams. That's his agent talking. I like him more as a 2-guard, and in the interview, he talks about how he can play off the ball as well. If somebody drafts him to play the 2, he'll play the 2. That's not stopping my Freight Train of Spencer Goddamn! Dinwiddie Excitement.

If you're looking for a guy next to MCW who can shoot, run, take over point guard duties on occasion, defend his position, order late night calzones while watching Notting Hill and pause it to calculate a generous tip for the delivery guy, Spencer Dinwiddie is your guy. He is my guy. Because of the ACL, Hinkie won't have to roll the dice on him at 10. DX has him going 38th at the moment. As a late first or potentially with one of those early seconds, Dinwiddie would make a fine champion.

Consider him pimped.

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