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The NBA Draft is in one month and we have no idea who the Sixers will pick

Cool with it.

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Happy Memorial Day, we're exactly one month away from the NBA Draft. Sam Hinkie will have his options at 3 and 10 and as you probably know, I'm geeked about all of them. If the Sixers could find a way to get all 14 lottery picks, I'd be a pretty happy guy. Really the only way I'm going to be disappointed on June 26th is if Hinkie sleeps through the draft after staying up too late watching Kristaps Porzingis tape. But assuming he has an alarm clock on his excel spreadsheet, we should be alright.

Nobody knows who the Sixers will take at 3 or 10, nobody. We can look at things through a lens of what the Sixers need, but really, they're not at a place where they can go fit over best player available. We can try to see what Hinkie did last year, but we know what an anomaly last year was in terms of talent evaluation and accrual. We can check out what Houston's strategies were the years Hinkie assisting Daryl Morey over there, but GMs do what GMs do, even when their scouting department disagrees-- something that went down in the Sixers own war room when the 11th pick came around last season.

So as Sam Hinkie submarines himself into the dark abyss of secrecy, bear in mind that we don't know what he's thinking or how he's thinking. He is your grandmom's brisket recipe that she'll only give you on her death bed. I'm reluctant to commit to saying one thing or another -- like if Aaron Gordon is the guy he wants at 3, okay. I'm in. I think he'll go with one of the top four -- which for sure includes Dante Exum -- but as Spike said in yesterday's RTRS, he may just pick BLARK and shock us all. #TeamBlark

Trust Hinkie, Trust Lucy, Trust Blark, and be ready to be delighted in a month. We'll have a bunch more playthings to enamor ourselves with.

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