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WATCH: Liberty Ballers/RTRS NBA Draft Lottery Party Video

We're idiots we're suuuuuuuuuch idiots.

via Roy Burton

The Sixers did pretty good at the NBA Draft Lottery. Picks 3 and 10 are very solid, and it could've been much much worse, but it wasn't an all-out victory when #1 and #2 were right there for the plucking.

That, however, was not the case for the Liberty Ballers/Rights to Ricky Sanchez Lottery Party at Miller's Philly Ale House in Northeast Philadelphia. Around 150-200 people showed up and crammed in a room we thought would be plenty big for the 7 people who wandered in there quietly. Hope everybody smelled okay.

Sohil's recap of the night told the story, but we got some pretty ridiculous video from the event-- as well as from myself, Mike Baumann, and Justin F. watching remotely-- and I hoodwinked my unsuspecting editor friend Ben to turn this around for us so we can relive the night again and again.

If you think after a 19-63 season that people don't care about the Sixers, you are wrong. Check it.

A few notes:

-- As promised, me being a total moron in an Andrew Bynum shirsey. Baumann inexplicably wearing a Milwaukee Bucks shirt and rooting against the Cavs in Ohio. Justin, butt ass naked, only got extreme close-ups of his face.

-- You may be able to spot an excitable young Jake Pavorsky in the crowd, a stylin' and profilin' Tanner Steidel, as well as Jake Fischer, Kyle Neubeck, Sean O'Connor, Rich Hofmann, Brandon Gowton, my parents, and others.

-- Great Spencer Hawes Cavs jersey in theory, turned out to be not the best night to wear it, fella.

-- The guy yelling "BOSTON! BOSTON!" is the most Philly thing I've seen in a while. That's my favorite guy.

-- If any of these idiots are you, reveal yourself in the comments!

-- Sorry to say that we didn't get any video of the whole bar booing the hell out of Doug Collins every time his mug appeared on screen.

You guys are the best. This is insane. So proud of how this turned out.

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