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2014 NBA Draft Lottery Times, Odds, Reminders


The lottery will be decided by beer pong
The lottery will be decided by beer pong
Dustin Bradford

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight at 8PM on ESPN and watchESPN just before the Heat play the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. It's the biggest night of our lives since prom (PROM!) and I'm uncomfortably watching the hours pass by. Matt had you covered earlier today (the tip about printing your own Sixers logo and pulling it out of an envelope labelled "1" is brilliant), but I'm all anxious so I'm writing more for me than for any informational reason for you.

I'll just give you some bullet points that you probably already know, but it's nice to have 'em all in one place.

This sums it all up:

And if you're going to the LB/RTRS Lottery Party at Miller's Philly Ale House at Grant and the Boulevard sponsored with free t-shirt by Cheesesteak Tees, you are required to take a picture with Bauser.

Songs of choice:




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