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NBA Draft Lottery Party Update: Awesome HINKIE T-Shirts from Cheesesteaktees

We're you thinking about coming to the party? Now you have no excuse.

These Cheesesteaktees are glorious.
These Cheesesteaktees are glorious.
Spike Eskin/Cheesesteaktees

Spike Eskin announced the news earlier, and so we figured we'd share it with you as well: T-SHIRTS! Yes, the LB/RTRS NBA Draft Lottery Party will have t-shirts for the first 75 people in attendance. And they're freaking spectacular.

NBA Draft Lottery

Cheesesteaktees, a local t-shirt printing company, is providing the shirts. Cheesesteaktees has a store located on South Street in Philadelphia and a shop online at Also, follow them on twitter (@Cheesesteaktees)! They print all kinds of specialty t-shirts for all things Philly. You can check out the collection at their website, but we've got this special one heading the post coming for you if you show up early enough.

As for the design, well, HINKIE. Sam Hinkie's awesomeness is something we all agree upon, and other than he and Andrew Wiggins, opinions are varied and divisive. Ideas like "MCW: future star or trade bait for Dante Exum?", "Team Panic or Team Chill," and every non-Wiggins draft prospect serve to divide Sixers fans. Hinkie is unifying and, for the lack of a better phrase, change we continue to believe in.

Additionally, we're hoping some cool, relatively known people show up, along with all of you. No promises, but a certain sideline reporter responded in the affirmative to our Facebook invitation. Also some other free merch if you can't make it early enough for the HINKIE shirt.

The LB/RTRS NBA Draft Lottery Party is May 20th, this coming Tuesday, at Miller's Philly Ale House in Northeast Philly at the corner of Grant and the Boulevard. Here is the address, in case you need it:

Miller's Philly Ale House

9495 E Roosevelt Blvd

Philadelphia, PA 19114

The party starts at 7pm. You can check out additional details on our original post here. Maybe you can come wearing a different, but equally fashionable, cheesesteaktee, and get a free (free!) one just for showing up. And as we said earlier, we've also got some gear coming your way from the 76ers as well.


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