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Mitch McGary, Spencer Dinwiddie Declare for NBA Draft, Harrison Twins Back to Kentucky

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pick yourself off the ground, spencer dinwiddie! you got this!
pick yourself off the ground, spencer dinwiddie! you got this!
Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled Friday of Men Cards, there's been some new NBA Draft prospects declaring and a couple that will be returning to school.

Spencer Dinwiddie, whom I love unconditionally and ranked 14th on my Big Board, has decided to enter the draft fray even after missing the last few months of Colorado's season with a torn ACL. Dinwiddie is a 6'6 guard with smooth athleticism, a great jumper (41.3% from deep last season), and very good handles. He played a lot of point as a Buff, but profiles as a good defender and has the ability to be off the ball and score the basketball as well. He also has the best name in the business and have I said I love him yet?

"Whoever I play for is gonna get Spencer Dinwiddie, not 'Spencer Dinwiddie with a bad knee.'"

NBA Draft

Too good. DX has him going mid-second round. I want Hinkie to jump at him earlier, and badly.

Mitch McGary, as expected, didn't make the same mistake twice and has declared for the NBA Draft. Might he have been pressured by a teensy to-do with the Marijuana Board of Bummers in the NCAA? Poss. Pretty nice to basically go "oh shit, I'm about to get busted by the NCAA. Eh, I'll just go pro. See ya!"

You know what McGary does well and does not do well. I spoke highly of him as a third big in my Big Board chat with The 700 Level.

And Aaron and Andrew Harrison are returning to Kentucky. I don't like either of them as pros, mostly because I haven't even attempted to tell them apart, but even still -- no thanks. At the college level, with the Harrison Twins, Alex Poythress, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marcus Lee, and Dakari Johnson all returning, and Karl Towns and Trey Lyles coming in, John Calipari will be poking you in the gut with his massive erection all the way to the Final Four.

Here's the full Early Entry Board from DX. Hinkie will end up with most of these guys.

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