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Dante Exum Declares for 2014 NBA Draft

Dante is definitely supposed to be here today.

This is the only picture of Dante Exum we can legally use!
This is the only picture of Dante Exum we can legally use!
Stefan Postles

This is good news. Dante Exum has decided he will forgo a potential year playing NCAA Basketball for the pros, and join the potential lottery picks in the 2014 NBA Draft. Exum is a low-key favorite at Liberty Ballers, somewhat because of the skillset and somewhat because he's shiny and unknown. That could potentially be dangerous for some teams.

Having played his high school ball in Australia, Exum really just hasn't been seen that much. He did work at the 2013 FIBA U-19's (he had 33-5-4-4 against Spain!), and a few of his games have popped up online, but the truth is, we just don't know that much about him, so the workout process leading up to the draft will be crucial. Problem is, he signed with Rob Pelinka, who is known for holding players out of workouts depending on where the team is slotted. That shouldn't be an issue for the Sixers. Hopefully.

Exum's similarly built to Michael Carter-Williams. 6'6. Long. Lean. Athletic. The jumper is also an issue, though from what I've seen, I believe he's capable of being a better scorer than MCW. Putting them both on the same team gives you two very able ball-handlers and playmakers. Between them, covering NBA-level 1's and 2's should not be an issue.

I like Exum. We like Exum. But whether or not the Sixers will take him depends on lottery balls and who goes first. He's probably around #5 on my board right now. (here's brand new film on him!)

The wild card is Brett Brown, who coached in Australia from 2009-2012 and has a relationship with Exum and his family. I'll take that to mean nobody will know more about Exum than the Sixers coming into June's draft. Does that indicate they'll select him? No idea.

Can't wait to find out.

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