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Sixers Belated Free Agency Rumors: Rodrigue Beaubois, Daniel Gibson, Chris Duhon (Still!)

Small men to back up MCW!


The Sixers, hell bent on being two months behind the rest of the league on everything, just entered free agency. They also just listened to Blurred Lines and think it's "pretty catchy." Seeing as free agency has ended for most other teams, pickin's are, indeed, slim.

Roddy Buckets is, of course, the most intriguing name. Though he's also pretty terrible. He'd be the most lottery ticket-esque of this bunch of point guards, which makes him, to me, the most likely. Throw a bunch of athletic, can't shoot point guards at the wall and see what sticks.

Boobie Gibson would be fun because then we get to say Boobie Gibson. At least he can shoot?

Chris Duhon, hysterical.

Saw somebody suggest Gilbert Arenas, which would just be too much perfection for me to handle. Like a chocolate cake that's too rich and also shoots 4-22 from the field.


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