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76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Hanging With Spence

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, we make a plea to Spencer Hawes, dream of Andrew Wiggins in a Sixers' jersey, and prepare for the debut of the Delaware Sevens.

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If Mike Levin gets to hang with Spencer Hawes, maybe we'll all learn how to look this good in a suit.
If Mike Levin gets to hang with Spencer Hawes, maybe we'll all learn how to look this good in a suit.

Yes, Virginia... you can get a 76ers' specialty license plate.

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey give residents the option to #ShowYaLuv as they make their way along the highways and by-ways (Delaware doesn't allow you to do so - thanks, Obama). Proceeds benefit Sixers' Charities, and if nothing else, you'll have an exclusive collectible that you can sell on eBay one day. FYI: There's some GREAT 76ers' merchandise on eBay.


55 weeks from now, Andrew Wiggins could be wearing a No. 22 jersey that says "SIXERS" across the front. Andrew Toney is the best player to ever sport that number for the local basketball team (with Brian Shaw, Jim Jackson and Antonio Daniels in a 3-way tie for second), but that could all change if the lottery balls bounce just the right way next May. Until then, you can buy a Wiggins jersey from the University of Kansas team store. Correction: It's just a generic "NCAA Replica Basketball Jersey" - I'm sure the number 22 is purely a coincidence.


I feel like we've done you all a disservice. It's been three days since the Delaware Sevens have officially unveiled their 2013-14 schedule, and we haven't even written a full-fledged post about it.

For the record, we don't plan to write a full-fledged post about it. But you should know that the Sixers' D-League affiliate will be kicking off their home slate on December 8 against the vaunted Canton Charge, who were led in scoring last season by former Temple Owl (and maybe future member of the Sevens) Michael Eric.

The Sevens will play 24 games at the University of Delaware's Bob Carpenter Center this season, and with 15 of those contests on either Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there should be plenty of opportunity for those in the area to catch future NBA players in action. If you get to the arena early enough, you may be able to join Tanner Steidel and Willie Warren for dinner.


In case you missed the latest episode of the Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast (and if you did, you can listen to it here), our very own Mike Levin mentioned that he was making a trip to Seattle later this week. This is noteworthy because a man named Spencer Hawes spends his offseason in the city that gave us Starbucks, Pearl Jam and (sadly) Kenny G.

The goal of Mike's trip is to hang out with the 7-foot tall stretch 5, and if that's how a 20-something-year-old man wants to spend his time in one of the most beautiful cities in North America, then so be it. (His goal should be to finish the 12-egg omelette challenge at Beth's Cafe, but whatever...)

Levin made it a point to say that Hawes would be the most interesting player to talk to on the Sixers, and... he's right.

We don't share the same political views, but a conversation with Spencer Hawes could be fun, to say the least. He appears to be a well-read individual - the type of person you could spend hours talking to on things that weren't related to basketball.

Jason Richardson is probably the second-most engaging player on the team, but the only thing I'd want to talk to him about is how well he USED TO dunk. And Thaddeus Young comes off a homebody (much like myself), so he and I would probably wind up debating whether or not Ortho Home Defense Max actually works. The Sixers are the only team in the NBA where the GM is more interesting than most of the players on the roster.

So let's make this #HanginWithSpencer hashtag a movement: We need SOMETHING to talk about until training camp starts in 3 weeks.

(Side note: I don't get how the "Rights To Ricky Sanchez" podcast can ignore the fact that Ricky Sanchez is playing in an international competition right now.)


Please take a moment to favorite this tweet - that will make it easier to find 10 years from now when Jake Pavorsky is a lead NHL analyst on ESPN.


Allow us to take a break from the snark for a second to say... thank you. That tweet above wouldn't be possible without your support. Our favorite team is set to lose 60-plus games this season, and you all are still coming to the site like gangbusters.

As a token of our appreciation, please enjoy this video of Eminem from last night's Notre Dame-Michigan game.

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