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Royce White Denies Allegations In Statement Released By Lawyer

In a statement released by his lawyers, Royce White denied the charges of domestic violence and looks forward to proving his innocence.


Moments ago, LibertyBallers received an official statement from Royce White's legal team regarding the criminal investigation of domestic violence currently underway in Texas.

"Royce has seen today's media reports that law enforcement in Texas is investigating claims of domestic violence by a terminated and disgruntled former employee of his charitable organization. Royce vehemently denies the allegations and is looking forward to a speedy and just resolution of these unfortunate and unfair claims. It is all too easy to make allegations, especially when directed at a person who is in the public eye. Royce hopes that the media will be equally attentive when these allegations ultimately are rejected."

-- Peter R. Ginsberg Law, LLC

White allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend, Tania Mehra, back on June 22nd.  The incident was at the time reported as an accident, but Mehra filed a police report on August 30th claiming assault.

We have reached out to the 76ers for comment, but as of yet have not received a response.

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