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Notes and Quotes From Sixers' Media Day

For a team that already has a seat reserved at the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery, there were quite a few interesting developments as a result of the Philadelphia 76ers' Media Day festivities.

After today, Evan Turner will be a bit more careful every time he talks into a microphone.
After today, Evan Turner will be a bit more careful every time he talks into a microphone.
Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Well... THIS is a noteworthy development. When the Philadelphia 76ers head off to Europe next week for a pair of exhibition games, Royce White will be on the team plane. And while the word "misconception" may be overstating the case a bit, it seems that White and the Sixers have come to some sort of agreement about his travel plans this season.

According to John Finger of CSN Philly, White will drive to games whenever possible and fly when it's absolutely necessary. "That was always the plan," said White.

A quick scan of the schedule shows that the Sixers don't travel very far until they embark on a three-game road trip (with stops in Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas) in the middle of November. And given the team's travel-friendly schedule, there's a reason to be slightly optimistic about White's chances of playing a fair amount of games this season.

"I'm just happy to be here and hopefully we can find an arrangement that works here in Philly," said White during Media Day.


Earlier today, the Sixers announced that forward Arnett Moultrie would miss at least the first two months of the season due to an ankle injury. Kwame Brown's injured hamstring may leave him sidelined for a while, and shooting guard Jason Richardson is aiming for a late January/early February return as he recovers from knee surgery.


At the end of Media Day, the 76ers posted a number of one-on-one interviews with players on A glaring omission from the list is swingman Evan Turner, who is slated (at least for now) to be one of the de facto team leaders.

Turner's absence is by no means unintentional, however: Earlier in the day, he dropped a (loud) bit of profanity just prior to his interview with Max Rappaport of Judging by his reaction, Turner didn't know that what he was saying was being broadcast live, but that's still no excuse for yelling a curse word into a potentially "hot" microphone.

Never change, Evan.


Optimism ruled the day, but even Thaddeus Young realizes that the Sixers' chances of making the postseason this year are extremely slim.


Brett Brown has made no secret about his focus on fitness, and judging by the physique of Spencer Hawes, the new coach has already made an impact on his young team.

Several players arrived at Media Day in excellent shape, most notably Khalif Wyatt (who happens to be wearing Jrue Holiday's No. 11) and Lavoy Allen, who said that when he's had the chance to speak to Brown, "all we've talked about is fitness."

From the looks of things, Jason Richardson hasn't had too many opportunities to talk his new head coach, and the 12-year realizes that he has to drop a few pounds before getting back onto the court. Meanwhile, Kwame Brown's approach to fitness is the same as it ever was...


And you thought Sam Hinkie was just a nerdy numbers guy...

One of those who won't be forced to eat what he kills is second-round pick Arsalan Kazemi, who will be playing overseas this season (as we noted here two weeks ago) and isn't on the team's 18-man roster. Speaking of the roster, you can find the updated list of players who will be participating in training camp here.

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