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Spencer Hawes and the Rights to Ricky Sanchez

"Ricky Sanchez, Ricky Ricky Sanchez." - The song I sing sleepily during the DANA BARROS intro to the TRTRS podcast.

Them boys
Them boys
Credit: My friend Kevin

Because it's the offseason, I figured I'd give this story a bit more love today. As Roy recapped in this week's Shootaround, I was in Seattle this past weekend and I planned on making a strong effort to hang out with our boy Spencer Hawes. Anyway, it happened. We texted 34 (!) times over the course of the weekend and now my contact list has an NBA basketball player, the entire cast of How I Met Your Mother, and Jake Pavorsky.

You can listen to the entire #HanginWithSpencer story on the weekly podcast I've been doing with Spike Eskin, perfectly titled "The Rights to Ricky Sanchez." Brandon and now Justin have been giving it some love in their Casual Fridays, but I haven't pimped myself out in a while, so please get in my car and I'll go park in that alley over there.

Though I'm mostly not awake for any of this -- Spike wakes me up at 5:55 in the morning LA time -- we have a reasonably human conversation for 45 minutes or so. As work has kept me from blogging with the manic frequency y'all are used to, this is a way to get your annoying fix of me out of the way while you're doing other things. And save for the times Spike big-times me for bigger people, we'll be doing this every week -- I have no choice because I just blindly answer the phone as I wake up. Oh and we're also doing relationship advice now since it's the offseason and Spike and I are obviously experts at THE LADIES.

So listen, tell me what you think of the Spencer story, and hey -- I miss you guys.

Also: petition to add #tang to the #pank list.

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